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A1 Tracker claims management software removes a significant portion of manual intensive labor from claims processing. Claim managers have resources at their fingertips to identify claimant information, claim statements, claim history, and claim documents. Claims management works with different industries, provided the claims processing workflow account for the required steps involved from the initial claim report, claim approvals, any claim disbursements, and closure. A1 Tracker allows supports the processing of claims in all industries, with workflow approval processing, business rules,  digital signature, and the ability to generate letters and notices.

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A1 Tracker claims management software can track claims of all types, including injury claims, hazard reports, omission claims, warranty claims, product warranty claims asset claims, and injury claims. We offer integrations with accounting, human resources, document management, E-Signature, and other systems in addition to single sign-on with Active Directory.


Medical Claims
Automobile Claims
Asset Claims
Injury Claims &
Work Comp
3rd Party Liability Claims
Warranty & RMA

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