How the accident prevention software for OSHA injury reporting software reduced work related injuries by 70% over a 5 year period and reduced administrative time by 75%.

Business Requirements: Accident Prevention Software System

The original problem as described by the customer was related to the efficiency of workers compensation, OSHA injury reporting, and occupational safety performance tracking. The owner had a DOS based accident prevention safety software that provided data entry screens to track osha injury reporting. The cost of maintaining this system took 1,640 hours per year at 20 hours per week.

The company needed to meet OSHA safety reporting requirements in a timely manner – OSHA regulatory requirements mandate that an organization provide timely notice of a work related injury. Failure to report a serious work related injury results in regulatory fines. The existing safety software and accident prevention process required that staff complete paper OSHA forms by hand and fax them to an administrator. The administrator then key entered required form data into a DOS based safety software. During this process often times required data was omitted from the faxed forms or illegible which then required administrators receiving the forms to further investigate a reported injury to ensure proper completion of OSHA safety reports. Due to the paper submittal process often work related injuries went unreported and were later discovered and late injury reporting fines occurred.

The company needed a safety software to better support accident prevention policy that also integrated with human resources software – The accident prevention software that the organization used at the time required that employee and company related information that already existed in a human resources database be entered a second time into the safety software. This created a duplication of data entry efforts between human resource software and safety software as well as a discrepancy of employee data between the two systems. Human resources software integration was essential to improve this business model. In addition OSHA requires specific information be made available on the OHSA forms such as project, business unit, or company work hours, total injuries in a given year of various injury categories such as first aid, medical, time off, and fatal work related injuries. Often times compiling an OSHA report with all of the required information took over 24 hours. There were also frequent errors and inaccurate employee data. Accident Prevention Software Solution

Using this new OHSA accident prevention safety software with injury reporting, the company needed a way to measure safety performance – There was no way for managers and decision makers to view an accurate depiction of how the company’s safety management record and injury performance had changed over time. The company was also unable to determine how to improve the organizational accident prevention program to help reduce occupational injuries. Safety supervisors and human resource managers expressed the need to identify what exactly to change in how to manage safety practices throughout the company. To identify how to improve safety management practices safety managers and project managers needed to be able to identify patterns in the work related injuries.


A1 Enterprise implemented a customized accident prevention and occupational safety software providing injury reporting and full software integration with the customer’s human resources software. This ensured data on the OSHA injury reports remained accurate and available when needed.

The new OSHA safety software made available the necessary electronic forms for inputting occupational injury data directly from field personnel. This customized safety software replaced the paper-based OSHA forms and there was no longer a requirement to fill out forms long-hand. Safety administrators and project managers receive work related injury email notifications each time an injury occurs. Managers also handle public relations quickly and make rapid OSHA & safety management decisions. OSHA Injury Reporting Software

Accident prevention software offers software integration with human resources software ERP software which eliminated 100% data entry duplication for employee and payroll data. The new safety accident prevention software also leveraged additional employee information from the human resources software such as the employee’s supervisor, job titles, department, location of work, and additional employee related information as required by OSHA reporting requirements. Reports that used to take 24 hours to compile now took managers 5 minutes and the data on the reports are now complete and accurate. The company’s safety performance record has improved by 70% which has increased the company’s ability to qualify for special projects what require evidence of a strong and successful safety record. Project managers can view safety safety performance statistics within minutes to identify patterns in work related injuries to make appropriate adjustments to safety management practices and the company accident prevention program.

Return on Investment:

Upon implementation of the new injury reporting software there was an immediate improvement in company processes. The time spent by an administrator inputting data went from 20 hours per week to 2 hours per week. Data was input by those from field supervisors provided accurate information which eliminated duplications in faxed forms and submittals. The company has, since implementation, has reduced work related injuries by 70% since 2002 thereby reducing costs in fines and data management. Most important of all, the benefits for both the company and employees are in keeping healthy active employees safe in the workplace.

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