Accident reporting software by A1 Tracker is ideal for injury  software for injury reporting of all types. With A1 Tracker accident software, an organization can have injury claims submitted via a corporate or internal web site to ensure claims managers have legible information from the start, thereby reducing the amount of information needing research. Accident software with A1 Tracker can be customized to fit any type of business, and can serve as workers compensation software, 3rd party injury tracking software, and injury software for injury litigation. Getting all of your employees to participate in your occupational safety and accident prevention program is not always easy. That’s why A1 Tracker was built to offer your supervisors and employees with a user-friendly injury reporting tool to make the process of collecting accident details easy and readily accessible.

Accident Reporting Software Notifications Accident Reporting Software System

A1 Tracker accident software for injury tracking notifies key members in a business when an injury occurs, and send related documents such as an injury report, witness information, pictures of the accident event, and contact information of any people involved with the accident or injury. A1 Tracker gives accident software administrators options to set accident reminder notifications to ensure people are following up on the outcome of the accident, and any insurance documents are properly submitted. A1 Tracker accident software also tracks related accident costs, including accident expenses, reserves, deductibles, fines, and legal expenses. The entire paper-based accident reporting procedure may be replaced with secure online accident software with user access control for administrators and private labeled accident forms. If integrating with our hazard reporting software, an accident prevention program will recognize additional benefits of having options available to prevent injuries before they occur. Hazard reporting software is available as both a stand-alone module or as an integrated module with accident software with and claims reporting. Asset claims software and ERP accounting software may integrate with your accident prevention software, tracking policy premiums, limits, and assignments to injury claims.

A solid accident prevention program with supporting accident software helps boost employee moral, reduce costs of insurance, employee lost time, equipment down time, and work delays. A1 Tracker gives an organization the true cost of an injury or accident, to understand the financial impact and help risk managers better manage financial risk. The setup process is fast and live training is provided to end-users, safety administrators, and risk managers. If your organization stands to upgrade or deploy accident reporting software, contact us for more information or a free demo.