Asset Management Software

Asset management software for contract management rolls out an integrated contract & asset software in Feb 2012. Protecting assets and managing contract integrity go hand in hand. The greater control over contract management, the more successfully an organization can protect it’s assets. Contract assets can include anything of value on a company or project balance sheet, such as fixed assets, intangible assets, asset licensing, asset leasing, bonds, insurance policies, and intellectual property to name a few. Organizational asset management as it relates to contracts is best managed in secure cloud-based software that allows asset notifications to send to key parties needing to take action. This can include lease renewals, licensing claims, maintenance and repair contract claims, damage claims, or other 3rd party liability claims where one or more assets were involved. Asset software when combined with contract management can streamline processes between multiple departments including equipment, transportation, logistics, insurance, legal and risk management.

Asset Management Software System

Asset administrators can set user access control to minimize what aspects of various types of assets any given user has permission to view. Risk managers may have access to asset loss information including related asset claims and asset maintenance information such as responsible maintenance technicians and asset maintenance history. Vendor management may be particularly useful if asset maintenance is outsourced to various vendors, where service records may be accessed quickly.

Asset Management Software & Contract Management 

Asset management software includes document mail merge, document attachments, branded email email notifications with company letterhead, and asset estimated and actual costs. Asset income may also be tracked with asset management software. Assets that are leased or owned by multiple parties can be better tracked with asset location, department, category, and current owner information. If your assets are available on back-order, you can additionally assign a hierarchy of future owners of your asset, as in the case of less available or more exclusive asset contracts. If your assets on back-order need to accept back-order asset bidding, asset management software can take bid requests from parties from a company web site, allowing asset managers in your organization to scan asset back-order bidding parties to qualify them and assign when the bid comes due or announcing a bid winner.

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