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Claims management software removes a significant portion of manual intensive labor from claims processing. Claim managers & claimants  have web-based claim resources at their fingertips to view claim details, notes, history, and related documents. A1 Tracker claims management software can track claims of all types, including injury claims, hazard reports, omission claims, warranty claims, product warranty claims asset claims, and injury claims. Claims management is a critical function within a business to control various types of losses:

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Claim Portals & Reporting Forms

Claims management is multidisciplinary and applicable across different industries. It often begins with a claim form and is followed by approvals, expenses, and closure. A1 Tracker supports the processing of claims across all industries and managed by business rules to automate processing steps, letters, reminders, and notices. With a long history of software implementations our claims management knowledge-base offers a vast library of creative solutions to handle a wide-range of scenarios. The main objective of a claim portal is to simplify the process for users of submitting a new claim using a web-based claim form and pre-filling information to both reduce and validate data input. Using business logic specialized for our customer claims discipline to control the flow and outcome of claims.

Claims Management Software Dashboard

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Claim Analytics & Dashboards – Why Choose A1 Tracker

We specialize in analytical dashboards to give your executive management team real-time analytics to support critical decisions on loss prevention and cost management. To maximize your benefits & return on your claims management system, our implementations include analysis on your claims management objectives and key data points. Root cause analysis, claims by type, severity, and cost ratios are common analytical tools that more than justify the cost of a claims management software that enable business managers to modify their claims process, business rules, policies, and procedures based on claim trends, volume, root causes, and costs. This enables loss prevention teams to focus on the core problem areas of the organization and mitigate the factors contributing to the claims which have the highest risk factors and that are incur the highest costs.

Claim Processing Lifecycle: Subrogation, & Litigation

The full claim lifecycle may extend into litigation or subrogation. A1 Tracker offers modules to track claim litigation & subrogation. With a general ledger module, claim managers may track litigation and recovery costs, expenses, legal fees, and damages. The integration between claims and subrogation allows legal staff to view claim details while having a separate area to track litigation costs, documents, letters, and notices. Claim Data Integration & Migration

Integrations & Claim Data Migrations

With a robust database and API, A1 Tracker offers integrations with financial accounting systems, human resources, document management, E-Signature, CRM software, and other 3rd party systems to facilitate the sharing and transfer of claim details. We also integrate with “home-grown” claims management systems. Single sign-on and Active Directory integration gives your users a seamless experience with our application that requires no additional user names or passwords.

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