Health Insurance Software for Medical Insurance

Health insurance software by A1 Enterprise is highly agile and powerful in tracking health insurance data for your organization. Our software is the key piece to your insurance company’s competitive edge, catering to various aspects of health insurance policies for group and individual policyholders. A1 Tracker health insurance software tracks health insurance policies of many types, and is further customizable to best suit your health insurance software needs. Our health insurance software can include disability, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), medical, dental, vision, and long term care insurance tracking.

Whether insurance software renewals need to process on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, our health insurance software can notify your policyholders as well as your underwriters or producers of renewals due any amount of time before the policy renewal date, and even send renewal notices multiple times. If a policy is terminated, our health insurance software can also send policy termination notifications along with any necessary grace period contents or reinstatement instructions the policy holder should receive upon policy lapse. In addition to health insurance software to track insurance policies, additional information may be tracked including policy claims, medical expenses, medical reimbursements, health expenses.

Health insurance applications and application status can also be submitted via your business web site and receive application notifications once received for processing and follow up. If providing group health insurance, our medical insurance software is ideal for tracking group subscribers of the named insured, and ensuring that each subscriber’s renewal and termination date are current. Certain health insurance software customizations may be accommodated as well, including premium rates and premium rate calculations for rated ages, zip codes, or other classifications of risk.

Your health insurance agents, underwriters, and loss processing claims administrators can be given access to certain pieces of information for them to maintain data integrity of the policy holder and any associated insurance claims filed.

Our health insurance software will keep your organization cutting edge in the insurance industry, ensuring the smoothest possible processing of claims, health insurance applications, and application follow ups. Your data will have high availability with secure online access for your underwriters and staff. We offer full data encryption on critical HIPPA confidential information and may be hosted internally within your organizations data center or VPN server to ensure full data control and privacy.

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