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Incident management software provides a centralized platform for submitting, reporting, and updating incidents that occur throughout an organization. Incidents may involve employees, customers, assets, property, the general public, customers, vendors, products, and other assets.

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Incident Management Software

Incident Management Workflow & Report Portals

A web-based incident portal offers simple online forms to submit incidents and trigger automatic notifications to incident and safety managers. When submitting a new incident report, users can submit details about the event and related documents:

Photos Employees Involved Asset Damages Location Details Incident Drawings
Statements 3rd Parties Involved Insurance Details Employees Site Conditions
Compliance Forms Witnesses Audit Checklist Contractors Involved Safety Violations

Incident workflow approval rules can route incident notifications across the organization for review and approval based on approval criteria and incident severity & potential cost thresholds. Incident approval routing can collect signatures, estimated costs, documents, and other details from various reviewers throughout the workflow process. Users have options to respond to incident workflow via email, the incident portal, or the incident dashboard where they have immediate access to incidents assigned for their review. The incident workflow log tracks the incident history, with approvals, notes, documents, and comments.

Supporting Modules & Integrations

A1 Tracker provides web services for integrations with other systems, which include cloud, on-premise, and & proprietary software. We offer integrations with accounting, ERP, HR, asset, inventory, and payroll systems. Single sign-on with activate directory integration offers users single entry point using their corporate email thereby eliminating the complexity to manage individual user accounts.

Our supporting integrated modules increase the ROI benefits A1 Tracker has to offer by enhancing the incident management process. Incident managers have additional facilities to manage litigation, subrogation, certifications, licenses, safety & awareness training, audits, and inspections.

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