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Injury tracking software by A1 Tracker supports the injury management, reporting, & resolution process from start to finish. As a web-based application, it is well suited for any organization to manage injury claims, accident prevention programs, human resources, insurance cases, litigation, & subrogation cases. If your organization is looking for a software to measure injury and safety statistics our injury software helps safety managers identify key injury trends throughout your organization to enhance injury prevention and management practices.

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Injury Tracking Software for Injury Management

Our online injury tracking software is secure, and makes available necessary injury forms as required by your organization or regulatory requirements. We also offer customized injury software, to replace your paper-based injury tracking forms to reduce or eliminate faxed and mailed injury-related paperwork. Injury software administrators and safety managers can setup injury email notifications which keep them informed real time when an injury occurs. Our injury software is secure and gets injuries reported to the appropriate parties when they occur. With our injury software support and training, we carefully review your injury tracking requirements to ensure your injury reporting steps are accounted for, and appropriate injury follow up steps are in place to automate the injury reporting process.

Injury tracking software by A1 Enterprise is well suited for large enterprise organizations, while still affordable for small businesses that need a dependable injury tracking software solution. We customize our portal and injury forms based on your organizational reporting needs.

Injury Tracking Software for Injury Management Reporting

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