Insurance Software

A1 Tracker is a full-featured, secure, and web-based life, health, & commercial insurance software with modules for tracking policies, quotes, new business, notices, renewals, insurance certificates, claims, applications, and more. Track all types of insurance policies:

Workers Compensation Automobile General Liability Commercial Liability
Life & Health Fire & Flood Property & Casualty Umbrella
Marine Aviation OCIP Excess

Track and organize insurance policies & certificates for various types of insurance policies for your clients, company, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers. Renewal notification for policy expirations prevent lapses in insurance that could result in high exposure of liability. Track insurance documents such as applications, endorsements, and notices as well as generate letters and notices.

Life, health, & commercial insurance companies using automation to operate with greater efficiency by having the insurance software do the work in managing insurance policy renewals, quotes, applications, and follow ups. Whether processing insurance policies for life insurance, health insurance, liability insurance, or excess lines, A1 Tracker offers flexible user-friendly tools which are easy to learn and maintain policy costs, premiums, limits of liability, commissions, premium rates, and insured party contact information.

Our insurance software is ideal for insurance companies, corporate insurance programs, OCIPs, government insurance policies, and TPA firms that are looking for a reliable and highly customizable insurance software solution for reporting, processing policy changes, and sending policy notices.

Insurance CRM, Renewals, Billing, Commissions, & Workflow

With insurance automation, A1 Tracker streamlines the insurance application review, assessment, and approval process. With our insurance application portal, customers can request a policy from your web site and provide all of the required details about the insured parties, property, or assets.

Our CRM module gives insurance agents and brokers valuable tools to manage customer sales opportunities, before starting the insurance application process. With payment automation, insurance admins can generate premium payment plans and send electronic invoices automatically to customers. Letters, notices, and payment reminders automatically generate before a payment is due.

Commissions Premiums Invoices Renewals
Payment Schedules Application Approvals Sales Leads Policy Generation

Insurance Software

Insurance Software

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