Liability Claims Software & Commercial Claims

A1 Tracker commercial and 3rd party liability claims software gives claims administrators an effective way to manage claims management involving adjudication, subrogation, litigation, and closure. Liability claims software with web-based claim reporting and management tools allows claim adjusters to find the information they are looking for quickly when researching claim details and conducting follow ups. With claim document management, claimants and adjusters can upload claim documents such as invoices, repair estimates, photos, statements, and forms.

We offers a claims management portal where users can submit new claims, check claim status, and add notes to the claim log. As claims and notes are submitted, claim adjusters can receive real-time workflow and approval notifications of claim activity claimants and other parties involved. Claim adjusters may also schedule follow up alerts and notifications on key claim dates.

Liability Claims Software

A1 Tracker liability claims software may also integrate with your accounting system, to exchange claim costs and expenses for injuries, repairs, settlements, and reimbursement payments issued.

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