Liability Insurance Software

Liability insurance software covers a variety of insurance software tracking needs, including employer liability, builders risk, flood, fire, equipment, automobile, 3rd party general liability, and project liability. Commercial general liability insurance can have multiple layers of coverage from different carriers, and have various limits of liability, retention, and premiums. A1 Enterprise has a dynamic liability insurance software system that can track separate coverage and limits of liability from multiple carriers, if needed, and associated policy fees, commissions, and premiums.

Liability Insurance Software

Liability insurance software includes a optional features for tracking claims against such policies, such as vehicle accidents, theft, 3rd party claims, and equipment damage. With integrated claims and liability insurance tracking, internal claims and insurance management is made easy as claims documents, location images, and insurance forms for insurance company submissions.

For high volume liability insurance claims, A1 Enterprise offers claim forms, where those needing to report a claim file the claim in a secure online web page accessible from your company web site or intranet. With integrated liability insurance software and claims management, an organization can file claims against specific insurance policies responsible for such claims, and if multiple polices cover a high value claim, multiple insurance policies may be assigned to the claim.

Liability insurance renewals are also critical for on-time policy renewals to ensure no lapse in coverage occurs. Those in an organization responsible for liability insurance renewals will have advanced notifications warning of a policy pending expiration, for adequate time to process renewals.

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