Procurement Software

A1 Tracker procurement software streamlines the procurement process offers sophisticated procurement management tools that help control and streamline the procurement process. With our procurement portal, vendors, suppliers, procurement managers, and approval managers can view review and approve supplier pricing quotes, RFP proposals, and other procurement qualification documents.

Procurement Software

Procurement Performance Software

A1 Tracker offers highly flexible business rules give procurement managers powerful tools to control procurement processes using vendor portals, approval workflow, and procurement rules. A1 Tracker automates the procurement cost approvals and proposal reviews across different departments in your organization using a sophisticated workflow engine that tracks approval history in a workflow log with documents submitted and generated throughout the entire procurement process. After the procurement process is complete, A1 Tracker also offers powerful contract & performance management tools, to track NCRs (Non Conformance Reports) to further assess and rate vendor and supplier performance.


Our robust procurement dashboard gives you the flexibility to access web-based reports containing analytical metrics with charts and graphs. Vendors and suppliers may receive RFP invitations, and submit pricing RFP qualification documents through a web-based portal. Procurement administrators can also review and compare vendor pricing via the procurement portal, and run reports on top vendors by pricing, or other qualification criteria. With A1 Tracker workflow, RFP responses can route across your organization for approval, and with E-Signature integration, A1 Tracker can generate procurement contract documents and send to multiple parties to collect electronic signatures.

Procurement Workflow Software

Procurement Portal for Vendors & Suppliers

A procurement portal offers a wide-range of tools to collect information from vendors & suppliers for all procurement processes:

NDA Agreement RFI RFP RFQ – Quote
Confidentiality Initial Analysis Proposal Details Pricing

The procurement portal is a centralized form allowing all vendors to submit documents throughout the entire process, such as NDA agreements, a summary of their business or product, a detailed proposal, and finally a price quote. The portal may also be used for internal staff to review & compare vendor responses. The portal supports business rules & logic as to analyze procurement data for key terms, pricing, and highlight key points of interest for procurement managers.

The procurement portal & workflow may also change depending on the type of product or service under procurement. Different departments may get involved at different stages, such as IT, human resources, legal, operations, and client services.

Procurement Software