Project Management Software

Project management software that is web-based has certain advantages over installed project management software. When deciding which direction to take with project management software, knowing your user base and their level of computer skills can significantly help make your project management software deployment successful. Users with strong familiarity with the internet are more likely to understand a web-based project management software because the core features resemble web sites that already have inherently familiar features of browsing the web such as adding, editing, and deleting information.

By leveraging internet technologies, web-based project management software fills gaps between project management and project accounting. Project accounting needs may have some overlap with project management, however business needs of a project manager are often different than accounting staff, and having a project management software that speaks to both roles within a company can increase the chances of a successful project management software investment.

Project management software by A1 Enterprise gives project resources software to manage project tasks online, share project documents online, and track project issues online. A1 Tracker is a fully hosted online project management software for project management and includes additional critical components to successful project management such as contract management, insurance management, renewals, and claims management. A1 Tracker requires no server, software, or hardware maintenance. A1 Tracker project management software is easy to maintain, is quick to setup and implement. A1 Tracker also gives your company the ability to manage and control project budgets and project costs at any level your organization needs for project budget and project cost reporting.

Our online project management software is highly customizable. It’s flexibility handles custom project management needs in different industries. Project managers can create and manage project templates, project billing rates, project max budgets, project material per unit costs, and project work hour activity. Project managers and project accountants can also use A1 Tracker for project cost control to monitor work progress. Project cost control ensures project resources follow project management methodologies consistently, to standardize the project management control process.

If your company tracks project data, costs, and budgets using worksheet documents or paper files, you can consolidate project management data into one project management software with customizable user access and project permissions. Your company will recognize significant increased efficiency because project work and labor costs automatically calculate and can integrate with project accounting software. A1 Enterprise understands how a business and a project can change over time. If your business has become unsatisfied with your current project tracking software solution, A1 Enterprise will review your project tracking software needs and ensure your project management setup process fully supports both your current and future needs from project tracking software.

As many organizations can benefit from more flexible project tracking software solution, A1 Enterprise features a highly customizable project management software to control time, money, and multiple levels of task groups and issue tracking.