Safety Incident Reporting Software

Safety & incident reporting software allows safety operations to better manage the details of safety and incidents that are critical to organizational loss control. Safety & incident management is a culture that speaks to an organizations commitment to protecting people, assets, products, and property from damages, injuries, theft, and other losses.

With A1 Tracker safety managers can track people affected, injuries, costs, assets, insurance, and offers compliance reporting for government agencies. With the centralization of incident data, our software implementations assemble all safety & incident variables together into a single web-based database repository that gives you full control over database and document access, the filing process, loss run reporting, and resolutions to events relating to safety and incident management.

Any organizational structure works with A1 Tracker incident reporting software. This includes multiple entities, subsidiaries, and hierarchical relations between entities and different levels within the company:

Subsidiaries Assets Entities 3rd Parties Joint Ventures
Divisions Employees Regions General Public Areas
Stores Vendors Projects Clients Departments

Safety Incident Reporting Software

Safety & Incident Portal with Workflow

A web-based incident portal allows people to submit incidents online which trigger notifications to company administrators real time of safety events, hazards, near misses, and incidents. Portal users may upload drawings, pictures, statements with more details of  the event.

On receiving the incident notification, administrators can follow up with witnesses, employees, contractors, and 3rd parties involved for follow up incident investigation & resolutions. generate letters, and email notices to send incident updates or request additional information for forms. A1 Tracker also offers safety & incident report workflow & automation to route incident approvals, safety escalations, and alerts to various managers while maintaining an audit trail of approvals, steps, and resolutions. Business unit and location managers can generate loss runs, OSHA compliance, and First Report of Injury reports (FROI) for local regional offices.

Safety & Incident Support Modules & Integrations

With A1 Tracker web services, integrations with other systems are available, including both cloud, on-premise, and in-house & proprietary software. Integrations with financial accounting, ERP systems, manufacturing, human resources, and payroll are available. Additionally, single sign-on and activate directory integration gives users a single entry point where their corporate user authentication gives them access to our product without having to manage independent user accounts. Our integrated modules offers added benefits that support safety certifications, licensing, training, certifications, audits, and inspections.

Safety Incident Reporting Software

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