Warranty Management Software

Warranty management software gives warranty administrators full control over the warranty lifecycle and your guarantee program. The ability to manage guarantee agreements & related claims for products, customers, repair shops, and retailers is key for a successful warranty management operation.

A1 Tracker offers a powerful web-based warranty software for tracking product and service warranties, documents, warranty costs, guarantee contracts, RMA workflow, and warranty claim approvals. A web-based warranty portal gives customers, sales reps, and retailers a simple tool to submit a warranty request online and follow the process from start to finish. Warranty purchases, renewals, and claims are reportable in a single warranty database which centralizes data between customers, retailers, and products under warranty. Key features:

Warranty Claims Parts & Products Customer Management Vendor Management
Approval Workflow RMA Processing Dashboard Analysis Parts & Labor Costs
Document Templates Email Templates Bar Code

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Warranty Management Portal

We specialize in warranty management portals for your vendors, clients, and administrators to interface with key warranty details. Users have easy access to warranty reports with product warranty performance metrics, RMA history, and manufacturer performance.

Workflow routes warranty claims & service requests to approving parties for approval and capture key approval details such as labor and part costs. Warranty document management stores original copies of invoices, purchase orders, receipts, product specifications, and other forms of documentation.  Throughout the workflow sequence, users may submit responses, documents, and cost approvals to the workflow log which generate subsequent notifications for approval parties until closure.


Integrations with other systems will increase your ROI by automating data import & export processes between A1 Tracker warranty management software and accounting, finance, manufacturing and CRM software. As your parts database may reside in one system, and your customer & vendor database may reside in other systems, we automate the flow of information so that these details are centralized in a single database then tied to warranty agreements and claims. Single Sign-On is another way to maximize your ROI with A1 Tracker. Single Sign-On allows your internal staff to login using the same credentials from their workstation, thereby eliminating the effort to maintain separate user names and passwords for your staff.


Warranty Management Software Demo

RMA Workflow
Warranty Documents
Vendor Management
Product Performance
Warranty Costs
Warranty Renewals
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