Workers Compensation Software | OSHA & First Report of Injury (FROI)

Workers compensation software allows your organization to track and organize workers compensation injuries and insurance claims in a secure web-based software. A1 Enterprise offers a robust workers compensation software solution designed to suit both small work comp businesses or large enterprises managing high-volume work comp cases. The software comes with essential necessities for managing a case: document management, OSHA compliance reports, employee compensation, injury details, employee details, medical appointments, service fees, attorney & legal contacts, and a general ledger showing a history of work comp transactions.

Workers Compensation Software – Our Tailored Approach

With a highly intuitive that is easy to learn, A1 Tracker is configurable to adapt your case processing needs with custom fields, portal forms for employees to submit injuries, and compliance reports. When injuries occur your safety staff and facility managers may receive real-time incident notifications containing key injury details that require quick communication and decisions. Our workers compensation dashboard metrics for incident rates, injury costs, root cause trends, and work comp reserves. We collaborate with your work comp team to analyze your reporting & analytical requirements to ensure our software targets your needs and your team sees only that which is relevant to their job function.

Workers Compensation Software

Workers Compensation Software

OSHA Reporting & First Report of Injury (FROI)

With our OSHA and First Report of Injury reporting tools, local store and regional managers can generate compliance reports for their location and have limited access to those claims they are responsible for within their region, division, or business unit. A1 Tracker supports OSHA and compliance reporting for any number of levels and entities within an organization. If your running a TPA business that manages workers compensation cases for your customers, cases may be segmented by customer and their individual store and regional locations. Your customers may also have access to a customer-branded workers compensation portal to log a First Report of Injury (FROI), view case status, add documents, notes, and additional details.

Workers Compensation Policy Management

The insurance module supports workers compensation policy management, and offers business rules, renewals, letters, notices, and rate updates. Work comp administrators can generate reports showing a break down of incidents by entity, policy, and apply policy coverage limits for various types of coverages. The document management module stores documents, generates policy & case documents, form letters, and automatic notifications. The case log allows users to view historic documents & notifications sent to employees, employers, clients, adjusters, TPAs, and insurance carriers.

Subrogation & Work Comp Litigation Case Management

A litigation module gives attorneys, case managers, and legal staff facilities to track cases that escalate into litigation. Legal documents, attorney fees, legal expenses, and legal contact parties. The litigation & subrogation process may involve different groups of people and entities, including client, claimant, and customer attorney staff. 3rd party adjudicators may also participate in the legal process. A1 Tracker offers collaborative features & security permissions allowing internal & external users to access restricted areas of the software, claim file, and documents.

Workers Compensation Software

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Appointments & Treatments
OSHA & First Report (FROI)
Portal Forms & Notifications
Injury Costs and Expenses
Business Rules & Workflow
Dashboard Analytics
Subrogation & Litigation

Workers Compensation Software for OSHA Injury Reporting