Contract Management Software

Contract management software by A1 Tracker is flexible enough to adapt to track many different types of contracts for an organization. Having a standard contract workflow process with a web-based contract management system is key to maintain smooth operations with contract renewals and follow ups.

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Contract management systems that require a low IT overhead and maintenance oversight is a key component to capitalizing on your software investment. The contract software selection process should include resources from legal, IT, and operations to ensure processing steps are accounted for and software requirements are met. A collaborative approach to selecting an adequate software system often reveals of many moving parts in a contract management process, and regardless of the industry, the contract process, configuration, and setup is most often unique for each business. When purchasing A1 Tracker, you also receive the vast knowledge bases we have to offer with contract management processes, overcoming obstacles, and streamlining the contract lifecycle steps for your contract team.

A1 Tracker contract management software includes contract meta-data, a document management system, index searches, and a single repository storing all types of contracts:

NDA Contracts Supplier Contracts Sales Contracts Government
Employee Contracts Service Contracts Product Contracts Development Contracts
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Contract Portals, Approval Workflow, & User Access Control

The contract administrator may govern contract access for users across different groups within the organization with a robust contract security system. Carving out contracts by region, department, type of contract, business unit, and entity are common ways to control access to contract records. In addition to securing contract records, a contract portal is a highly convenient way of streamlining the contract initiation process for end-users where vendors, contractors, or even internal staff can submit a contract request to start a contract workflow approval process. A1 Tracker contract workflow features control notification and escalations at each step throughout the contract lifecycle. Contract reviewers may contribute content, such as revise terms and conditions, document amendments, and cost factors, throughout the workflow approval process.

Contract Database Migrations & Integrations

Contract data may require some integration processes with other software systems in accounting, human resources, and sales. The ability to interface software systems with one another has become a more critical necessity with new technology making systems more accessible with one another.

During the contract management review & selection process, holding demo presentations contract managers visualize how the software will work for end users however there there are still additional processes that impact contract management process overall that are not apparent in the software features themselves. These processes include scheduled data synchronization with accounting systems, or rules that allow contract managers to track budget control and high-risk contracts. These types of processes can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent updating software systems that share common information.

In addition to integrating with a financial ERP, additional integrations may include your preferred E-Signature platform, and Active Directory for Single Sign-On. The benefit with SSO (Single Sign-On) is not having to manage separate individual user accounts and passwords.

Contract Management Software Demo

Vendor Contracts
Customer Contracts
NDA Contracts
Employee Contracts
Warranty Contracts
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